NYC Toddler Movement Class: A Parent's Guide to Engaging Your Child!

NYC Toddler Movement Class: A Parent's Guide to Engaging Your Child!

Engaging children aged 2-5 years in outdoor activities and sports can be challenging. Having over 7 years of experience of kids coaching experience and coaching more than 10,000 kids in NYC, I've figured out the secret sauce to keep the little ones engaged in outdoor activities and sports. Here's the formula for parents and coaches. 


1. Find a fun class: Joining a fun and age-appropriate sports or movement class is one of the best ways to engage your child. Look for a class that promotes social and physical development while stimulating their imagination. Our Superhero Movement class for kids ages 2-5 is a fantastic choice. In this class, children become superheroes, unleashing their energy and improving their physical abilities.

Superhero Toddler Movement Class Central Park UWS

2Encouragement: Encouragement plays a crucial role, starting from home. Before the class, use praise and excitement to build anticipation. For instance, say, "Daddy can't wait to see you become a superhero tomorrow! What superpower will you have?" As a coach or instructor, let your encouragement begin even before the class starts, with smiles and high-fives. For example, greet the children enthusiastically, saying, "Hi, superhero! Can I get a high-five? Wow, you are so strong!"

3. Energy: Being energetic helps children in many ways, but what i think it helps with most of all is it shows that everyone is having fun; ways to bring energy to class are to cheer, clap and, most importantly, smile when children finish an activity, Coaches need to bring energy in a different capacity meaning Coach/Instructor needs to be active, vocal, smiling and visibly having fun.

 Superhero 3-4 years Movement Class, Rye Westchester

4. Spark creativity with imagery: Using imaginative activities helps stimulate creativity and makes tasks relatable for children. For instance, before the superhero class, say, "William, let's put on your superhero shoes (flash) today; you are going to be so fast!" As coaches or instructors, it's our job to make each task easily relatable for the age group we teach. Incorporating fruits, colors, and animals for younger students can make the session more relatable and engaging.

 Superhero Toddler Movement Class Central Park UES

5. Positive Reinforcement: Every child loves attention, as the parent has the power to reinforce positive behaviors and build positive characteristics in your child. How to do this is to seek out all the good things your child does on a daily basis and reward those actions with positive words, high-fives, hugs, etc. As a Coach/Instructor, positive reinforcement is vital to achieving success children need to know they did a good job and be rewarded for doing so. Ways to do so high fives, saying a good job, highlighting that child, and letting everyone know they did excellently.


Following these five tips, you can effectively engage your child in NYC toddler movement classes and help them stay active. Join a fun class, provide encouragement, bring energy, spark creativity with imagery, and embrace positive reinforcement. Your child will enjoy the classes and develop essential physical and social skills.

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    Happy to share my top five tips that will help engage children in movement/outdoor activities, Let me know if any of these tips help you.

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